• Manage the Change

    Our priority is to maintain sustainability of international development to create a World worth living

  • We Promote Peace and Stability

    Our goal is to contribute to a better world for all

  • Our Focus

    International Socio-economic Development

  • Our Favorite Tool

    Continous communication with our clients.

  • Our Playground

    We don't believe in boundaries. We are global.

  • We Love Diversity

    We love to work in different environments.

  • We Protect Children

    Our investments are for a better world for children.

Who We Are

NovusPM is a management consultancy company established by a group of multi-national experts who have proven expertise in the field of change management since 1991. NovusPM provides socio-economic development consultancy in accordance with Professional Project Management principles through contracts under international donor agencies, mainly EuropeAid, DFID, USAID, UNDP, KfW, EBRD, WB and EIB. NovusPM’s main priority is sustainable international development in order to contribute to poverty reduction in the world. NovusPM works in developing countries and regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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We Promote Peace and Stability

Our goal is to contribute to a better world for all.

NovusPM provides capacity building services to refugees especially the Syrians in the Middle East and globally with particular focus on Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Some of the services include:

  • Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Capacity Building
  • Social Integration Activities
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Survey
  • MIS
  • Data Management
  • Humanitarian services in Hatay, Gaziantep, Bodrum, Ankara, Amman and Beirut

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Who We Are

NovusPM provides project management and management consultancy services.

Our Work

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NovusPM is looking for qualified experts for current projects and future tenders.

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Technical Assistance for Building Capacity in Employment Policy - Serbia 
National Centralised Criminal Record System (NCCR) Kosovo

Our Work Areas

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